Just who is Billie Schofield and what is www.billiereviews.com?

Hi there! My name is Billie Schofield, and I am a freelance online marketer with over 20 years of experience in business and marketing. I have studied a variety of other successful marketers and have modeled my business around many of the techniques that I have learned.

I have worked for others as well as started my own business several years ago that became a powerful, well-known brand in the industry that it was in. I later sold my interest to devote my full-time career to helping others achieve financial success in online marketing.

www.billiereviews.com is one of the many domains that I have. This particular one that you are on is the flagship for a product that I am hosting about providing fair and honest reviews of all types of products and services available online. 

Some other sites I have created and maintain are:







and others... 

My company website is www.mathermoore.com, which at this time is a B2B site helping small business owners.

Here's what some of my clients have to say about working with me:

“I have also had the privilege of working with Billie on a professional level. I have always found him to be a sincere, hardworking man and always professional.”
C.G. Jamestown, RI USA

“I have known Billie since 1997… I've witnessed him building a great business of his own, that not only grew but expanded over the entire globe.”
M. S. Indianapolis, IN USA

“All of the business we have transacted over the years has been fair and successful for both sides. His reliability, honesty and trustworthiness skills have played a major role in his success…”
K. M. London, England U.K.

“Mr. Schofield is a very intelligent business owner and a true humanitarian.”
Dr. V. M. Warwick, RI USA

“I was always impressed at the very high standard of management and control Billie exerted while keeping the respect and admiration of his workers and the community at large…a credit to Billie whose tireless efforts were appreciated in the international seafood industry.”
P.C. Surrey, Great Britain U.K.

“…Billie was a great resource. He has been a reliable source of information and has always been ready to help me work through any problems I encountered.”
N.G., JDA, MMA S. Dartmouth, MA USA

“My experience with Billie is that he always was seeking collaboration in his encounters with competitors and regulators… employees and partners…this generosity and recognition of others is typical of Billie…”
P.M. Waitsfield, VT USA

“Mr. Schofield has enabled us to expand our markets internationally by supplying us with products…he has been extremely instrumental to our industry I know of many people in our industry who will vouch that is is extremely knowledgeable, dependable, honorable; a man of his word.”
G.E. Montreal, P.Q. CANADA

If you're looking for a skilled and experienced freelance marketing expert, please feel free to contact me or visit my website to learn more. I would love to work with you and help you achieve your goal of becoming financially free as well as living the lifestyle that you have wished for but just didn’t know how to achieve it!

If you are also looking for that “right” person to guide you along, and take some of the pressure off you as you build your empire, then may I humbly implore you to see what I can offer.

These further testimonials will attest to what it would be like to have my help and assistance:

“Over the years I have known Billie, I have never seen him to be other than honest and forthright and very businesslike in his dealings with me and my company…”
D.N. New Bedford, MA USA

“He is a hard working, talented and charismatic person that somehow, leaves an impression on everyone he meets.”
C.E. Richmond RI USA

“Billie has been a steady hand in dealing with domestic and foreign sales and the myriad of complications in shipping these frozen products around the world!… Billie is a good human being and an asset to the community.”
G.B. Seattle, WA USA

“In my interactions with him, he has always been an upstanding person. He is very reliable and courteous.”
S.G. Newton, MA USA

“His dedication and commitment to the quality of our products and the safety of our workers has been commendable..”
R. D. Seattle, WA USA

“It is a strong reflection of good and upstanding character when you competitors even regard you highly.”
C.C Hope Valley, RI USA

“I have found him to be a person that I can trust and be comfortable in doing business with.”
R.J.M. Howell, NJ USA

“Mr. Schofield has always acted in the most professional manner at all times and has been very understanding with out differences in cultures and has been most respectful to our demands and needs…”
M.E.M. Cairo, EGYPT

“Billie is a man with distinguishing qualities, which set him apart from the rest.”
N.F. Southbury, CT USA

So whether it is list building you are attempting, or starting your affiliate marketing career, or even trying to figure out how to create and start a blog. The opportunities are endless, as is the financial freedom that comes with each of them.

You can learn all of these things, and more by subscribing to my daily newsletter. It is packed full of informative ideas, new products, and tried-and-true programs that work.

The subscription is FREE and you are welcome to subscribe here. You won't find any hard sells from me and who knows? You might just enjoy my daily dose of information that I gather and pass on. Be warned. 

The emails arrive at 7:00 sharp every morning, and sometimes there might be an extra one thrown in if it is something that can't wait. 

Other than that, if they get too much, just unsubscribe, and I will not have any hard feelings.

All the best in your entrepreneurial online career.

Best regards,

Billie Schofield

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